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Göteborg Nonstop did an interview with We Do Not Negotiate With Terrorists:

We Do Not Negotiate With Terrorists: Intervju med bandet

We Do Not Negotiate With Terrorists är ett indierockband som gör vad som bäst beskrivs som post-punk-pop med influenser såsom Stone Roses och The Clash. De har också kallats ett ”skramligare Blur”. Numera håller bandet till i Göteborg och består av två Manchester-lads; Ross Downing (sång/låtskrivande) och Steve Sarasini (trummor) samt svenska Bob Dramountanis (bas) och Sophia Axelsson (sång). Bandet skrev kontrakt med Loud Attic Records tidigare i höst och i slutet av september släpptes deras första singel, Big If.

Steve, vad är det bästa och sämsta med att vara medlem i We Do Not Negotiate With Terrorists?
- The best thing about WDNNWT so far is that we are always learning from one another. We have all adapted stylistically despite the fact that we have not known each other that long, and I like the way our sound is evolving. Learning from one another is also the worst thing as Bob is like a human encyclopaedia – it is hard to maintain the pretence of intellectuality.

Det finns så många band som försöker få vår uppmärksamhet idag, varför borde vi lyssna på just er musik?
- I think our sound will grow on you. Give it a chance.

Ross, många av låtarna handlar till stor del om ditt liv, kan man skriva en låt om precis vad som helst eller finns det gränser?
- True, I think my songs are mainly private. But just because you want other people to hear a song doesn’t mean you don’t want the subject to stay private. I don’t know if that’s naive or just one of the trade-offs you have to make. I feel that if I write a song about something important (whether that’s private or personal or not) I have written a good song. Of course there are other elements to writing a good song like melodies etc, and not every song has to be deadly serious but for me the kick is when people can hear a song and it makes them think or feel or it has some private relevance to them. I don’t see the point in writing songs about stuff people don’t understand what you are talking about, or even worse just talking about sex and drugs for the sake of it.
- I can’t stand posers, and Gothenburg is full of them. Everyone claims to be a musician but they are all doing it for attention. When you scrape the surface they have nothing worthwhile to say. So yeah, you can write a song about anything. We all know a song can sell millions even when it is soulless junk, but I’d much rather make money AND write something real.
- One drawback of writing about personal stuff is that it has consequences for the people around you, I don’t want to upset family and friends. On the other hand I don’t want to write songs about rockstar fantasies when I live in a shitty little town like Gothenburg. It’s ridiculous. A song about blowjobs and coke- ah wow, you’re so fucking cool. Bands that sing about that look ridiculous to anyone with a brain and a pair of balls to say it. Being pretentious isn’t something you can build a music career on, that’s why bands break up after a few years. I guess they run out of things to say. But I can go on all day.

Vad fick dig att vilja starta WDNNWT från första början?
- I just couldn’t keep it all in to be honest. The bigger question is why I haven’t stopped.

Bob, om WDNNWT skulle bli världskända, vad vore det första du skulle köpa?
- Jag hade köpt en hatt. En riktigt snygg hatt.

Om du var tvungen att adoptera ett djur och döpa det efter en musiker, vilket djur och vad skulle det heta?
- En dvärgpapegoja som heter Elvis. Efter Elvis Costello.

Sophia, om de andra medlemmarna hade bjudit in en ny, snyggare blondin i bandet, vad hade du gjort åt det?
- Det är inte möjligt, så jag är inte orolig.

Vilken skådis/musiker, död eller levande, skulle spela rollen som dig [Sophia] i ”We Do Not Negotiate With Terrorists – The Movie”?
- Jag tror att Ross är den enda som skulle klara av att axla rollen som mig. Han är blond och minst lika dramatisk!

Slutligen, Steve, de flesta band försvinner efter bara några år, särskilt när de upptäcker att de aldrig kommer att bli stora, vart ser du detta bandet om fem år?
- Personally I prefer the now. But if you really want an answer then I’ll give you three equally likely scenarios:

1) We have split up. Bob will be a thespian and an entertainer of elderly ladies. Sophia will be a world famous singer in a band or a government bureaucrat. Her organisational skills are tremendous. I will be balder (it is possible) and Ross will have disappeared to a remote mountain (or Norway) to find himself, having lost his telephone and forgotten his guitar.

2) We are very, very famous. In this scenario I can afford hair transplants.

3) If the statistics are correct, we’ll probably be five years older.

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Hemsida>> http://www.loudattic.com/label/terrorists/
Facebook>> https://www.facebook.com/wedonotnegotiatewith

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