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GoteborgNonStop Interview

We Do Not Negotiate With Terrorists: Live på Sticky Fingers2013-10-05
I en stad där 90% av alla man känner har tolv vintagegitarrer hemma och är en kraschad mac-hårddisk från ett toppbetyg på Pitchfork så står WE DO NOT NEGOTIATE WITH TERRORISTS ut. De är inte så amerikanska, spelar inte nyskild skäggcountry och vet nog inte vad ”electro” är. Vi växlade några ord med Ross Downing om läget just nu.

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Det var ett tag sedan vi hördes vid, under vintern 2012. Vad har hänt sedan dess?
- We are originally from Manchester and have a hard time breaking into the scene over here, which is a shame because we feel that a British sound is very much missing from the Gothenburg (and Swedish) scene in general.
- Since last we spoke we released the Big If single, that was played this summer by Volvo in their ad campaign. We’ve been recording for the EP we are releasing in January, we’re still working with agencies in Europe to get the tour finalised. We will probably start in Copenhagen.
- We are also recording a video with a guy the label have flown in from New York called Shane Sigler, check out his work its good. Apart from that we’ve got our first gig in some time at Stickys (Saturday 5 october), with our new lead guitarist Carolina Ranta, it’s going to be great to play all our new songs for people. It finally feels like we’ve got a fan base so the gig will be hyper! We go on stage during happy hour about 22:30 so get there in time, it’s free until 22:00 too.

Du har ett lite kluvet förhållande till Göteborg, och musikscenen här förstår jag det som..
- I can’t stand posers, and Gothenburg is full of them. Everyone claims to be a musician but they are all doing it for attention. When you scrape the surface they have nothing worthwhile to say. So yeah, you can write a song about anything. We all know a song can sell millions even when it is soulless junk, but I’d much rather make money AND write something real.

Vad är det för fel på på att sjunga idiottexter till svängiga låtar? Får man inte hångla till Umbrella liksom? Måste texter vara så superseriösa?
- Of course you can, and we do too but have those bands got anything to say? It’s like this whole Miley Cyrus thing, no one cares about her music whatever she does -i don’t know maybe some twelve years maybe they care about the tunes. But tunes aren’t music. It always has to be more than that.
- I have nothing against a band doing party music I just laugh at the band when they try and tell us they have some kind of depth. Håkans Hellströms music means something to this city because of his lyrics, that is carved into these streets now you’ll never be able to take that away. I like that even if I don’t listen to his music. I respect it. That’s what I hope people can get from us, even when I’m singing about sex and drugs there is something between the lines.

Interview by Marcus Persson at GoteborgNonStop

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