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We are selling cars again!

Volvo chose Big If again, this time for their autumn ´13/spring ´14 ad campaign. We are now selling the new S60 on international TV...!

Bob and Ross VG interview freeze
Veckans Gig Video Interview

Ross and Bob all up in your face... Veckans Gig got hold of the boys in the buildup to their gig at Sticky Fingers, Gothenburg on the 5th October 2013. They talk about their love-hate relationship with their label (!), their band …

GoteborgNonStop Interview

I can’t stand posers, and Gothenburg is full of them...

terrorists big if song volvo E4 drive
Big IF is the sound of Volvo’s new ad campaign

Big IF has been chosen as the song of the "Drive-E powertrain with i-ART injection"... the new VOLVO commercial! Who would have thought a band more likely to steal cars would actually be selling them.

Terrorists Promo 2 750

We Do Not Negotiate With Terrorists är ett indierockband som gör vad som bäst beskrivs som post-punk-pop med influenser såsom Stone Roses och The Clash. De har också kallats ett ”skramligare Blur”. Numera håller bandet till i Göteborg och består av två Manchester-lads; Ross Downing (sång/låtskrivande) och Steve Sarasini (trummor) samt svenska Bob Dramountanis (bas) och Sophia Axelsson (sång). Bandet skrev kontrakt med Loud Attic Records tidigare i höst och i slutet av september släpptes deras första singel, Big If.

Big If Cover Website
Single Release: Big If

Big If is the first single release from We Do Not Negotiate With Terrorists, recently signed by Loud Attic Records in Gothenburg, Sweden. Please support the band by buying Big If on iTunes. Leave a comment!

Terrorists Promo HD
Promo Photoshoot

Photo session with We Do Not Negotiate With Terrorists for the release of Big If. Ross Downing, Sophia Axelsson, Bob Dramountanis and Steve Sarasini.

featured image
Preproduction for Big If

We played two great gigs in spring 2012 at which point Loud Attic approached us, and with our back-catalogue of material in excess of 45 minutes we had more than enough to offer. However it was our very newest ideas that they …

Kulturbloggen logo
Fina ord från Kulturbloggen

Sham 69, The Clash, The Specials och The Strokes, för att nämna få, är band som ”We do Not Negotiate with Terrorists” kopplats samman med. När jag själv lyssnade på deras pop-punkiga alster, fick jag upp snarlika …

Terrorists on BBC Manchester

Introducing We Do Not Negotiate With Terrorists We Do Not Negotiate With Terrorists make Manchester influenced pop punk. What We Think: "A mashed-up myriad of music flows through We Do Not Negotiate With Terrorists' songs. They make nodding references to …

17 seconds
17 Seconds

The snappily named We Do Not Negotiate With Terrorists cite their main interest as Withnail and I, 17 Seconds' favourite ever film (no, I really never tire of mentioning this), and also list Echo & The Bunnymen, The Specials, Gang Of …

Troublezine Interview:

Italian Troublezine interview: We Do Not Negotiate With Terrorists are the project, still without a label, of the Englishman abroad Ross, originally from Salford- which is actually my nickname and that's how I came across them on the pages of …